The Wright School (TWS)

The Wright School (TWS)
The Page holds all the items that students attending The Wright School will need for the week.
Students will wear the Red or Black polo shirt. Girls will wear the Model 50 grey scooter and a plaid 33 scooter, along with grey pants. Boys will wear grey or black bottoms.
Middle School students will need to be fitted for a Blazer.
Package Deal for Girls: (2 polo shirts, 2 oxfords, 3 grey bottoms, and 1 plaid scooter and 1 Tie) Starts at $140.99 (only available in-store)
Package Deal for Boys: (2 polo shirts, 2 oxfords, 4 bottoms, and 1 Tie) Starts at $125.99 (only available in-store)

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